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Clairvoyant Leeds - Tarot Card Reading - Numerology

Hello, my name is Effie

I am a hypnotherapist
 and stress management counsellor.
People choosing to consult me, will work with me as a team to facilitate their reaching appropriate and suitable therapeutic goals in an absolute minimal number of sessions.

In so doing the aim will be to resolve emotional challenges and difficulties as a natural and normal step for ‘creating the life you want to live’, taking responsibility for and in keeping with your personality.

The moment you realise that you are not as happy as  you would have liked to be, you are half way towards reaching your state of well being. This is the most efficient and effective way to progress towards self-fulfilment, with an assistance of an experienced and accredited therapist.

Humans are unlike machines or as depicted by social media. Technology may be accelerating exponentially, but it would be tragic to try to match that pace. Instead of technology being at our service but sadly we are often driven by it. When searching for things, we are often lead it to comparison sites which unfortunately may not give you the best overview.

If you can get it, there is nothing is better than a personal recommendation other than your own judgement. If you are reading my pages, it means that you have already given considerable thought as to how therapy might help you. Forgive me for adding that treatments presented here are well tested.

Treatments listed here are face to face, professional and 100% confidential. I do agree that the fees and location of a practitioner’s office are important, but not as much as you finding a professional therapist whose treatments you feel at ease with.

When you phone a therapist be sure to interview them properly. See if what they write about themselves on their web pages about their approach, makes sense to you. Your impression of how they greet you when they answer your questions on the phone will be a good indication for you about their compatibility.

The more a therapist puts on their web pages, the easier it will be to make a valued assessment about their skills.

I invite all enquirers for a brief consultation over the phone. When I cannot take your call immediately during my office hours, it is because I am with a client. So, please leave a message for me and I’ll return your call as soon as possible.

Hypnotherapy, Stress management and Counselling are outstanding therapies for most people who aim to develop better coping strategies. Names and titles of treatment styles are constantly changing with fashion. No approach is suitable for all, but making a phone enquiry doesn’t obligate either party and by the end of the call you will be able to make your best valued decisions.

Clairvoyant Leeds - Tarot Card Reading - Numerology

You can transform your life in meaningful ways to suit your personality. My website is all about appropriate life changes and transformations.

As we progress in years, life sets out to challenge all of us. Throughout our lives we go through many changes and the aim is surely to progress  as naturally and normally as necessary. This does not imply that if we face some adversities, as all of us do, then there is something wrong with us, others or the world.

Furthermore, it may surprise you to learn how many people you are certain have perfect personal/family lives, with fantastic career prospects who you believe are adjusted socially, still seek professional help too.

Therapies found here aim to resolve concerns like:

To write a definitive list where hypnotherapy, stress management or counselling are the best treatment is impossible. What I can say without hesitation is that they are known to help many people. The list above is general, yet covers most challenges clients presented with in my office and successfully completed treatment  in the minimum number of sessions required.

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