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My name is Effie.

I am an international psychic, clairvoyant healer and my office has been located in Leeds since mid March 1996.

From hereon I shall refer to reading styles as psychic, to those interested in a reading with me as ‘Seekers’, to myself as ‘Reader or Messenger’ while messages originate from the ‘Universal source energy’. What I pass on tends to be accessed with cards.

Messages given to me tend to cover twelve months from the time of reading for the person sitting in front of me.

Readings may cover seeker’s life experiences on this plain of reality and lessons to be learned here and now. Readings with me invariably tend to include the ‘Earth Plain of Reality’.

Contrary to what meets the five human senses, we are given three gifts for life: ‘a sixth sense’ to embrace our universal reality, freewill and time’.

What a reading covers and will it be useful?

A reading can provide seekers with psychic and clairvoyant reading guidance and insights about:


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