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Warm welcome to my home

My name is Effie Gardner. I am a truly international psychic, clairvoyant and healer. My office has been in Leeds since 1996.

Messages I pass onto people originate from the ‘Universal realm or Source’.

From hereon I shall refer to all readings as ‘Psychic in nature’ and to those interested in readings with me as ‘Seekers or enquirers’ and to myself as a ‘Source messenger or reader’.

I am told that we all have thirty-nine beings of light watching over us, waiting in anticipation at our every move and ready to lend us a hand to fulfil our noble heart’s desire, which are for our highest good and belong to the ‘earth’s realm of reality’.

So imagine that you too have a magical team of thirty six beings of light and six mischief makers to avoid. Imagine searching the fourth page of google and one psychic’s name attracts your attention more than all others. You read their advert and notice that they use tarot cards, crystals and healing.

Surprised perhaps that your beings of light held your patience longer than normal? You read what they say about their work and think to yourself… yes I’ll call this reader. This clairvoyant, psychic, medium, astrologer, tea leaf or palm reader greets you and they are able to fit you in the next day.

Later you might even ponder how or what they will say in your reading. You arrive to my office, for example and you may be invited to focus on what you wish to learn from your reading without saying things aloud. You may have a written note in an envelope for me to use as your ‘significator’ for messages.

The words are that of the psychic

The psychic messages and clairvoyant insight originate from ‘the one and only universal realm’.

Source reveals to me many insights to select what is indicated to me for each seeker sitting before me. Messages cover a period of twelve months or next week or longer. Messages cover events on this plain of reality, possible lessons for seeker if they continue on the same course they are on now. I may remind seeker to focus on recurring events in their lives, on the ‘Earth’s Plain of reality’. Seekers may be reminded to focus on what a message signifies to them as these may just as well be favourable lessons in their life. A lesson be for this time, in the future or events from a past life or this life. Messages may reveal people in this life, in the past or in the future but they might be in different roles.

Messages could indicate what happened before now, is the future or what is yet to come. Yet seeker is free to accept or reject what is indicated to them by source via their freewill. Lessons can recur until seeker is ready to act on them or not.

We are not given lessons we are unequipped to deal with. We may not be given all we want but we are always given all we need in this lifetime, the next month or year. Seekers are free to leave things as they are or to reserve them for a future life.

The human senses

Are our hearing, seeing, touching, smelling and tasting senses to be guided by freewill and embraced by our higher-self as gifts from our ‘sixth sense’.

Messages can be given in a metaphorical form, as boring or ‘in your face’ (do it or ‘don’t do it). Most annoyingly messages can be ‘common sense’ like you have been here before and/or do you really want this lesson again?

What readings can be about or what they guide?

Psychic readings are for guidance, things seeker knows already, things they would rather not be reminded about or what is yet to come. Messages may be about the past, present or future. Source messages to seekers are always present and now. For example:

Everyone we meet can teach us or learn with us. So we all can be ‘soul mates’ we like a lot while others we do not like at all.

Nothing in our lives is cast in stone.

However, our beings of light cannot transgress our freewill or interfere with our karma. This rule applies to readers otherwise we invite lessons we will not like. So I don’t tell seekers what to think, do or believe.

All seekers are free and on a potential journey as beings of light, creating our own beliefs. Messages are not PC or judgemental and seekers are responsible for their own decisions and affairs.

Messages relate to seekers’ lives and they are not be only about what seeker wants to hear. Messages do not pamper seeker’s ego and they are not censored by me even when I do my best to word what I pass on sensitively. Messages are on a basis of need to know. I don’t always understand context/content of messages but seekers do. Seekers may or may not recognise their messages

There are no diplomas in how to read as a psychic, which leaves me to adhere to professional training in non-psychic skills, and life experiences. My readings are always done with a purity of intent.

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