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My name is Effie Gardner.

I am a international psychic, clairvoyant and healer.

Messages I pass onto people originate from the ‘Universal realm or Source’…

From hereon I shall refer to all readings as ‘Psychic in nature’. To people interested in readings I’ll refer to as ‘Seekers or Enquirers’ and to myself as a ‘Source messenger or Reader’.

Probably, we all have thirty-nine beings of light watching over us, waiting, anticipation for us to ask for assistance and are ready to lend us a hand to fulfil our full potential for our highest good. Lets call this team as a magical team of beings of light and  you are set for your journey in this life.

Even though every human have intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant, medium and healer capacities, not everyone is interested enough or willing to invest themselves to develop these traits. Still there are people who are willing to learn and apply their clairvoyant, psychic, healing, medium, astrologer, tea leaf or palm reading capacity professionally.

Interestingly enough other endeavours people specialise in is no different. We may admire the work builder and dedication of a nurse but would not know where to start to do the same work or even imagine the verity of role there are in these trades even if we do some DIY and tending to our unwell nearest and dearest.

Psychic and clairvoyants messages…

The words you will hear me use in readings are mine, but the psychic messages and clairvoyant insight originate from ‘the universal realm or source’. Source reveals to me many insights to select from and indicate which could be more appropriate for an individual sitting before me. Messages may cover a period of twelve months, longer or just next days. Messages cover events on this plain, a verity of lessons for seekers to chose from and what could take place when seekers continue on the same course they are up to now.

Messages could indicate what happened before, now, be about what is yet to come or talk about a distant future. Seekers are free to accept or reject what is indicated for them. Still, we are not given lessons we are unequipped to deal with. We may not like all we are given, but we are always given what we need and able to face. We are free to leave things as they are, accept and act on them, refuse them or reserve them for a future time.

Psychic messages can be in metaphorical form, straight forward, ‘in your face’ and many messages can be just ‘common sense’ but for some reason we did not take on board.

What readings can be about…

Psychic readings can be guidance, about things we already know, what we would rather not be reminded of or what is yet to come. Messages may be about the past, present or future.

Nothing in life is cast in stone…

Source, beings of light or readers cannot transgress freewill of a seeker or interfere with their judgement. I often get messages for seekers that seem to me urgent. At times out magical team will leave very strong indications we ought to follow (even if we were conscious what we have to or must do), we are free to ignore things, wait or do thing in our own way. The universe, source does not mind.

In the same way, I learned over the time not to tell seekers what to think, do or believe in.

All seekers are free and potentially on a magical journey, self-discovery and create their own brand of life they understand.

Messages relate to each seeker’s life, may include things seeker would rather hear and not make themselves aware about.

Messages do not pamper egos and I will not be censored them. I do my best to word what I pass on sensitively. Source only gives me insight on the basis of need to know. I may not always fully understand context/content of messages but seekers usually do.

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