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Hello, my name is Effie. I am a hypnotherapist, stress management counsellor and a healer

I can help people from all walks of life to reach the best therapeutic goals and to ‘Create the life they want to live’.

Realising that your life isn’t as happy, balanced, joyful, healthy or comfortable as  you would have liked it to be can happen in minutes. When this happens you are at the half way towards well-being and self-fulfilment.

Since humans are unlike machines they cannot keep up with relentlessly accelerating technology. It would be tragic if we try to imitate machinery. Instead of technology serving us, we are driven by it.

Hypnotherapy, stress management, counselling and healing are treatments face to face (in person) or via Skype. Though services provided by me remain confidential and professional.

When you phone me, a mutual interview can follow to ensure not only that you feel at ease resolving present important challenges and for me to ascertain that my skills can bring about successful conclusion in an absolute minimal number of time.

Hypnotherapy, Stress management, Counselling and Healing treatments are outstanding and well tested.

Transforming your life needs no drama

We never plan to feel unwell, yet we can plan to transform our lives meaningfully in ways that suit our personalities.

As we progress in years life sets more challenges for us. This doesn’t imply that when facing adversities there is something wrong with us, with others or with the world.

Many people appear to have perfect personal, family and social lives, with good career prospects. Yet surprisingly they too seek professional therapeutic help.

Challenges listed here have transformational qualities built into them and I have been able to assist thousands of clients resolve serious concerns:

Writing definitive lists about stress management counselling, hypnotherapy and healing might prove impossible. What I can say without any hesitation is that they have helped most people consulting with me.

It has be emphasised that to successfully reach a complete and satisfactory treatment a minimum of six sessions may be required. A single session would not be as effective as spreading treatment over six weeks.

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