by Effie Gardner


You can transform your life

Transforming one’s life is about the only way to describe the therapeutic work on these pages.

This effective treatment is most useful in a face to face settings and with professional support you can look forward to resolve concerns like:

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Hello, my name is Effie Gardner and I have been a practising hypnotherapist and stress management counsellor since March 1996. Working full time in this profession allowed me to expand my therapeutic proficiency considerably. That is the singular benefit I can offer to all clients with whom I accept to work.

Choosing to consult with me means that we will work as a partnership to facilitate you to reach the best therapeutic results in the absolute minimal number of sessions. Resolving emotional challenges through therapy is a natural and normal step to take that equals booking a GP appointment with your medical concerns.

Realising that we are not our happy usual selves or as we would like to be and reaching out for the assistance of an accredited therapist is half way to well being.

The last ten years technology has accelerated much. A recommendation from others you know or from social media can seem reassuring, but there’s nothing like your own valued judgement and opinion.

People are unlike technology. We get better the old fashion ways, face to face with one person helping another if not as strong as we would like to be.

Fees and location of practitioner’s office is important but not as much as feeling at ease with what is offered and what the therapist says about their work.

Always ask yourself what makes sense to you, your first impression how you are greeted over the phone, how your questions are answered is a better indication than a website with thousands of followers.

I invite you to talk with me in person.

When with clients I cannot take your call, though you can leave a message for me and I’ll return your call as soon as possible.

Hypnotherapy, Stress management counselling are well tested and outstanding therapies designed to support people to develop positive coping strategies and create a life for themselves they’ll want to live.

Everyone has all it take now to transform their life. You too deserve to be happy with your life which is not saying that only certain people have difficulties or after therapy life will be without things that can challenge you. However, your responses, reaction and experience after therapy you will live well with your past and do well every moment regardless.

I don’t offer freebies and I’m the cheapest in town, but I answer enquires in person and after twenty year in full time therapy work the assistance I can provide is extensive, reliable and very effective in all personal development areas.

Individual I accept as clients, they can count on 100% commitment from me and treatment’s successful. However, I expect an equal commitment from all clients to make for themselves about reaching successful therapy goals we will set before the first working appointment.

When calling me for a first enquiry, we have a brief consultation that aims to assist you decide if you feel at ease about resolving those important challenges you seek assistance for. At this time you can assess if my professional skills are suitable for your needs.

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